Welcome to SMASH: World Tour !

We invite all agents of the Enlightened to Join us for a glorious day of SMASHING all resistance...portals...

This is the first of what we hope will become a yearly event with Prizes, Swag, and most importantly fun for all!

We implore you to reach out to your local community leads or take up the reins to lead your local agents on a path of destruction!

Remember Agents

There is no resistance to Enlightenment.

Event Details

DATE: June 11th or 12th Our Goal: Wipe the board of the resistance owned portals globally.  Either in unison or as a wave of destruction. PRIMARY TARGETS: Wiping clean the cities and towns of the world!!  And getting to those HARD portals your local resistance have had control of the longest, or are most confident about. The Challenging portals you may need to go out of the way for! Communities around the globe are picking a checkpoint on the set dates to aim for a 0 MU score for the resistance in their cell. SECONDARY TARGETS: DOCUMENT YOUR COMMUNITIES ACTIONS!! We want video, and pictures! ART!! Anything that you believe will show off your community's spirit during this Operation! Decorate your cars! Dress Up ! HAVE FUN !! and share it with us!!
To Take part in this event - either contact your local communities POC or follow the stat submission form instructions found here Stat and challenge Award Details can be found here Feel Free to contact Agent @PsiCoTix whom is leading the organization of the event either on G+ or in comms

An event just isn't the same without swag! We've got stickers, T-shirts, Bio Cards (coming soon), and Pins (coming soon)!! If you'd like to order any please fill in this form. We need a minimum number of orders to be able to get everything produced, as this is a non-profit player run event. All our media and art files are available for you to download and use to produce your own swag! MEDIA PAGE