As plenty of us are aware The Resistance got their hands on some information from the planning group. Our response… Go Bigger!!

Please enjoy this copy of the original leaked document:

Operation Hulk Smash: World Tour


Wipe the board of the resistance owned portals globally. Either in unison or as a wave of destruction.

PRIMARY TARGETS: Wiping clean the cities and towns of the world!! And getting to those HARD portals your local resistance have had control of the longest, or are most confident about. The Challenging portals you may need to go out of the way for!
Communities around the globe are picking a checkpoint on the set dates to aim for a 0 MU score for the resistance in their cell.

SECONDARY TARGETS: DOCUMENT YOUR COMMUNITIES ACTIONS!! We want video, and pictures! ART!! Anything that you believe will show off your community’s spirit during this Operation! Decorate your cars! Dress Up ! HAVE FUN !! and share it with us!!


Because we can! More so because many communities have done isolated smash days on their own over the 4 years of Ingress Now is time to take it global. With our most recent crushing victory in shards, and our past year of overall victories in the anomaly series – it’s time for some FUN!! Some fun using all the amazing connections, and the skills we’ve grown as agents of the enlightened.
The best part this operation. We are 100% in control – the only thing that could stop us is ourselves.
Enlightened of the World it is time to celebrate; celebrate in RAIN of smurf tears.


decided: JUNE 11th and JUNE12th – the exact Date and Checkpoint is up to you and your communities to decide!




Award: Longest Distance Travelled to smash a resistance portal (one way, to one portal)

Details: This Award will recognize 25 agents that have gone the distance (the most distance) to wipe out a resistance owned portal, this Award is meant to promote Agents to push themselves to climb that mountain; cross that river; or whatever else may be required to do to reach that challenging portal.

To be eligible for this Award:
Contact your areas POC to pre-register for Entry –
DOCUMENT YOUR JOURNEY! Provide a google map of your planned trip. Takes photos or video of your adventure!

Award: Most AP Gained

Award: Most Resonators destroyed

Details: The top 2 Agents from each community to gain the most AP and the top 2 agents to destroy the most resonators among their peers will be recognized for their achievement.
Measurement will be taken during a 4hr windows as decided upon by your POC and community (likely 4hrs before your target checkpoint)


To get an idea of how awesome you all are, this started with a an idea of agent PsiCoTix who discussed it with 3 local agents on . In under 4 days the idea spread like wildfire beyond continental borders. Now, with less than one month left until Smash Day we have connected communities in all corners of the globe with the single goal of smashing all resistance.
We currently have over 300 communities represented from all across the Americas, Australia, Asia, Europe, and Russia ready to SMASH the planet!
There is no resistance to Enlightenment.