Award Details


Award: Longest Distance Travelled to smash a resistance portal (one way, to one portal)

Details: This Award will recognize 25 agents that have gone the distance (the most distance) to wipe out a resistance owned portal, this Award is meant to promote Agents to push themselves to climb that mountain; cross that river; or whatever else may be required to do to reach that challenging portal.

To be eligible for this Award:
Contact your areas POC to pre-register for Entry –
DOCUMENT YOUR JOURNEY! Provide a google map of your planned trip. Takes photos or video of your adventure!

Award: Most AP Gained

Award: Most Resonators destroyed

Details: The top 2 Agents from each community to gain the most AP and the top 2 agents to destroy the most resonators among their peers will be recognized for their achievement.
Measurement will be taken during a 4hr windows as decided upon by your POC and community (likely 4hrs before your target checkpoint)